Game Lovers With Model S and X from Tesla Can Access the Steam gaming platform in 2024 [Big Wow]


Tesla has been highly successful in introducing fresh and exciting products during the last two years. It has also been growing its library of in-car games over the past few years and has increased the variety of games it offers consumers by including PUBG Mobile, and Fallout Shelter. Despite this, it showed a willingness to include Steam in its vehicles. Tesla, however, is dramatically boosting the ever-growing catalog of games by integrating Steam into its products rather than merely adding single or two titles. The manufacturer claimed in its debut that the integration would enable the S and X cars to have thousands of different games.

Tesla Gave Amazing Hints Back In Feb 2022

All of us learned about this novel and exciting relating to Tesla in February of the year 2022. However, nothing was crystal clear at that time. The most intriguing announcement of that time, though, came from Elon Musk on Twitter, who said that the manufacturer intended to add Steam to its vehicles. Of all of these announcements, this one was by far the most intriguing and captivated the interest of the people with the latest Tesla models. 

After a long period of waiting, the company has revealed its plans and has now informed us of some excellent news. The most recent models of its Model S and Model X cars will formally start rolling out Steam connection as part of the holiday update that was made available to us in December 2022. This proves that 2023 will be a thrilling year as well. Additionally, they created a marketing video for the movie. It enables anyone with a desire to see Tesla’s infotainment system running Steam Beta and even games with demanding graphic requirements, like Cyberpunk 2077.

Who is eligible for the update?

Please be aware that only recently released models are eligible for this update. The “Plaid” variants of the Model S and X, for which deliveries started the year prior, are most likely meant when Tesla refers to “new” Model S and X automobiles. Therefore, it makes no difference if you purchased your model before 2022; you are still qualified for the facility. Both models’ infotainment systems are powered by AMD Ryzen CPUs and RDNA 2 graphics processing units (GPUs), which are also used in PlayStation 5 technology.

Although the Tesla announcement is exciting for video game enthusiasts, the NHSTA is closely monitoring the impact it will have in the future. We previously observed that Tesla had issues with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as a result of its decision to allow consumers to play games even while driving, which was a questionably bad decision with the potential for negative consequences. But as a result of the investigation the agency performed, this feature was turned off, so customers may no longer utilize Steam games while their cars are moving.

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