Science And Paranormal Beliefs About New Age Movement & Athos Salom


Science and paranormal belief relation is widely discussed. In current American society, paranormal and pseudoscientific ideas are popular, and they are frequently addressed in television and movies, social media, novels, and advertising. Although there is no commonly accepted definition of paranormal and nonscientific subjects, they all have one feature: they are not supported by empirical … Read more

All You Need To Know About Data Science In 2024 | Easy & Simple

data science

Are you interested in extracting knowledge from the data sets and knowing more about data science? You will need to go through various processes, systems, and algorithms for this purpose. This leads to the concept of data science which includes machine learning, data mining, and big data.  Let’s make it easier! It is not based … Read more

Gaganyaan Mission: A Path to a Brighter Future

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ISRO’s Gaganyaan Mission: A Leap Towards Human Spaceflight On Saturday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) conducted a crucial test for its ambitious Gaganyaan mission, marking a significant step towards sending Indian astronauts into space. The test, which involved the Crew Escape System (CES) and an experimental test vehicle, aimed to evaluate the safety system’s … Read more

Amazon has successfully launched its initial test satellites for the groundbreaking Kuiper internet network.

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Amazon Launches First Prototype Satellites for Kuiper Internet Network Washington, October 6, 2023 Marking a significant milestone in its ambitious space-based internet venture, Amazon successfully launched its first pair of prototype satellites for its Project Kuiper into orbit on Friday. The satellites, carried aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket, represent the first step … Read more

Countdown to the Fiery Return: Inside NASA’s Osiris-Rex Spacecraft

NASA Bennu meteor photo

Attention space enthusiasts! Get ready to witness history in the making as NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft gears up for its fiery return to Earth. After a groundbreaking mission spanning over two years, this celestial explorer is finally homeward-bound with an invaluable treasure trove of secrets from the asteroid Bennu. Join us on an exhilarating countdown as … Read more