Science And Paranormal Beliefs About New Age Movement & Athos Salom

Science and paranormal belief relation is widely discussed. In current American society, paranormal and pseudoscientific ideas are popular, and they are frequently addressed in television and movies, social media, novels, and advertising. Although there is no commonly accepted definition of paranormal and nonscientific subjects, they all have one feature: they are not supported by empirical evidence and appear to defy recognized rules of the universe. But now there is a twist in this story. 

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The new age ideology, also known as the modern generation, is a religious movement that originated among occult and metaphysical religious organizations in the 1970s and 1980s. Esotericism, a religious doctrine oriented on attaining spiritual understanding, was a significant backer of the movement. At the height of the movement, millions of Americans employed stones as medicinal tools and practiced numerology, meditation, and channeling. Many followers hoped to achieve worldwide reform, and many joined the Harmonic Union, an attempt to do so in 1987.

So what’s the relation of science and paranorms?

Pseudoscience or believe in paranormal phenomena is defined as any particular topic that is completely unsubstantiated by scientific evidence and appears to violate understood laws of science, but uses scientific terms to hide in plain sight as legitimate science, with descriptions including whole body decontamination, magnet counseling, pinching, cosmology, intelligent design, and homeopathic remedies. 

Furthermore, pseudoscience may involve unjustified worries of issues that, under the appropriate circumstances, would deserve some actual worry. Anxiety and resistance to GMOs, for example, based only on the assumption that they are fundamentally evil without evidence to back up that opinion would qualify as mysticism, whereas worry about the ecological implications of genetically modified crops supported by evidence would not. On the surface, believing in such scientifically unsubstantiated issues does not appear to be harmful.

Athos Salomé argues that persons who forecast things with a 90% success probability of coming to fruition have certain theological doctrines. In the early 1980s, the new age situation quickly swept over the globe. Exoticism and consciousness were among the ideologies and activities that piqued people’s interest.

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Athos Salomé, a Brazilian magician and parapsychologist who claims to be a Nostradamus descendent, has different convictions about the new age and its gatherings a clear mission in considerations of philanthropy has worked wonderfully for Athos Salomé. Athos Salomé is well-known for his eagerness to assist others in his physical vicinity as well as the larger society.

Because they think there is no one proper method to address theology, New Agers build their own perspective “by combining bits and bobs to produce their own specific concoction.” So it’s apparent that Athos Salomé believes in new age principles and utilizes them to benefit the planet and those in need.

He’s not trying for notoriety or worldwide press attention to acquire the satchel by forecasting future catastrophes; instead, he wishes to assist others by employing abilities he had no idea he had.

Athos Salome’s views and gifts are quite similar to those of the New Age. Eclecticism is a distinguishing element of New Age religion.

Final Verdict: Science & Paranormal

Existentialist philosophy and consciousness are joined by Religion, cosmological theory, and astrophysics. These three have distinct characteristics and ideas. A god is one of the New Age ideas; nonetheless, there are numerous conceptions of divinity. The comprehensive and universalism perspective of New Age theology accepts all human perspectives on the supernatural as equally valid. In New Age literature, the terms angels, messengers, spiritual mentors, gurus, teachers, and connections are used to denote benevolent non-human spirit companies involved with mankind’s spiritual awareness.

Athos Salomé, a gypsy parapsychologist, may be using these several professions to anticipate future occurrences. These might be the gifts he received when he was born. It is not a deceit or an accident that he uses his superhuman abilities to acquire critical data and defend the world from imminent disasters; rather, it is his supernatural abilities that he uses to forecast huge oncoming events that have a higher chance of occurring.

After unusual claims that some seer managed to be as exact as it is now, Athos Salomé became famous and even gained a Wikipedia page in his own nation of Brazil.

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