8 Best Monitors Under $300 That You Should Buy In 2024

All of us need the best monitor for everyday tasks and giving purposes. So if you are also looking for the one that can provide you with the first experience and has the impressive 4K display detail quality, you should read this comprehensive guide on 8 best monitors under $300 that are affordable enough for everyone to purchase. 

Here, we have gathered a list of the top 8 monitors under $300, so you can easily buy the one that suits you best according to your unique needs. In our discussion, we have also mentioned the most distinguishing features of each monitor on the top, such as Best Monitor For Eye Strain, Best monitor under $300, etc.

Read on to know more. 

  1. “LG 32GK650F-B 32” QHD Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate and Radeon FreeSync Technology [Best High-Resolution Monitor]
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It is 32 inches murder with QHD resolution where you can watch games with maximum clarity and detail. The resolution of this computer is 2560×1440 which is impressive enough to provide you with a thrilling gaming experience. So if you’re looking for something that has a higher resolution than 1080p, then this can be a perfect choice. 

Now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this monitor. 


  • Comes up with QHD resolution for a high level of precision and clarity. 
  • Has various advanced features such as a crosshair feature that further enhances the accuracy and brightness in FPS games. 
  • Provides virtually borderless visual experience. 
  • Very reasonably priced and is currently available at $296. 
  • The monitor is beautiful without any dead pixels. 


  • It is not recommended for people with small desks. 
  1. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor [Best Gaming Monitor]
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It is another gaming PC that comes up with lightning-fast 144 Hz refresh rate performance. The screen size of this monitor is 24 inches and requires a CD drive to work. If you do not have the drivers, this monitor will not work but the fact is drive installation is quite a simple process. 

To enjoy the optimum performance of this monitor, set the picture mode to “Standard”, color, vibrance to 10, and sharpness to 7. 


  • Exclusive color vibrance
  • Comes up with black Equaliser Technology that provides visual clarity. 
  • Customized color settings. 
  • Multiple connectivity options. 
  • The package comes up with a DisplayPort cable and power cable. Each is 1.8m. 
  • Comes up with a 3-year warranty. 


  • You need to install drivers if you want this monitor to work. 
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with PS5 / XBox Series X/5 @ 120Hz
  1. Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24″ Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor [Best Monitor For Eye Strain]
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If you are looking for an inexpensive monitor then you should proceed with this 24 inches full HD monitor that uses LCD as the display Technology. These monitors are FreeSync monitors that also support G-Sync compatibility. It is one of a kind full HD resolution monitor that can keep up with your gameplay. If you want to experience something new and inexpensive, you can choose this computer for an extremely comfortable and unique experience. 


  • Can provide you with high-quality images with excellent details.
  • Comes with Blue Light Filter, ComfyView, and Low-dimming technology that keeps your eyes stress-free even during long gaming sessions. 
  • Has a very fast response time of 1ms. 
  • No annoying effects of smearing or ghosting.
  • Has a rapid refresh rate of 144 hertz for excellent gaming experiences. 
  • Very refreshingly satisfying frame rate. 
  • Comes with a headphone to headphone cable, display port to display port cable, and power cable. 


  • When the monitor is turned off, it is completely disconnected from your computer. 
  • Colour settings are a bit complex
  1. ViewSonic VX2452MH 24 Inch 2ms 60Hz 1080p Gaming Monitor [Best Monitor Under $300]
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Currently available only at $183, this is an inexpensive gaming monitor from the ViewSonic brand. Even though it is quite cheap, the design of the monitor is very modern and the resolution is also HD (1929X1080p). The best part is that the box does not come alone and contains a power cable, VGA cable, audio cable as well as DVI cable along with the LCD monitor. 


  • Full HD glossy finish display for an ultimate visual experience. 
  • Best for gaming and multimedia entertainment. 
  • VESA-compatible mount design. 
  • Provides heightened visibility and details by brightening dark scenes
  • Ultra-high 50M:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio 
  • Dual 2W stereo speakers 
  • HDMI input to connect with high-definition multimedia devices
  • The response time is extremely fast. 


  • The sound quality of the speakers is normal. 
  1. Acer Gaming Monitor 27” Curved ED273 Abidpx 1920 x 1080 144Hz [Best High-Resolution Monitor]
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It is a 27 inches Full HD monitor that comes with DVI and displays port cables. Currently available only at $229.99, it is perfectly compatible with G-Sync Technology. The Response Time is 4ms which shows that it is a bit slower than its other competitors. However, Pixel Pitch is 0. 3114mm and brightness is 250 units. After going through all the features of this amazing monitor, you will feel that it is worth every penny. It has gained maximum positive ratings on Amazon and the negative reviews are just a grain of salt. 


  • Provides uniform during experience without blind spots. 
  • Works smoothly with GeForce graphics cards to bring you tear-free gaming with optimal refresh rates.
  • Display images in a stunningly amazing lifelike form. 
  • G-Sync compatible. 
  • Comes with a 16:9 curved display that wraps you in a world of entertainment. 
  • The monitor looks great and feels solid. 


  • Some people do not like the design
  1. Acer Gaming Monitor 27 Inches KG271 Cb Midpx 1920 x 1080 144Hz [Best Monitor Design]

The kg271 is a 27-inch monitor with 1920×1080 full HD resolution. With this monitor, you no need to worry about thick designs that take a lot of space. So we can say that it is completely a conventional product with a zero-frame design. It has a remarkable ability to eliminate screen tearing, thus you can rely on it for the smoothest gaming experience. If you are habitual of longing sessions then there is good news for you. 

This monitor is kind to your eyes so that you can stay in the fight for hours without experiencing any kind of eye strain. 


  • Comes with a display port and HDMI cables. 
  • Response time is very fast, which is 1ms. 
  • Zero frame design that frees up pressure screen space. 
  • No stuttering and tearing. 
  • Comes with Blue Light Filter, ComfyView, and Low-dimming technology. 
  • Displays extremely high-quality images. 
  • Capable of being an amazing display.
  • 75hz is great for people that don’t have high-end rigs that can reach 144+ fps.
  • Sleek design, minimally sized bezel.
  • Quick and easy swapping between HDMI 1, HDMI 2, and VGA channels.
  • Great OSD.


  • Horrendous internal speakers.
  • The stand is stuck at a standard height, but it can be tilted upward and downward. The stand is at a fairly decent height for most users, anyway.
  1. LG 24MP59G-P 24-Inch Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Black [Best FreeSync Monitor]
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It comes with a 24 inch full HD IPS display. With perfect compatibility with Windows 10, it has a very fast response rate of 1ms. 


  • Displays very high-quality crisp Images. 
  • Comes up with a stunningly amazing and huge variety of colors.
  • 75hz out of the box.
  • Freesync features work excellently. 
  • You will not experience any dead Pixels.
  • No light bleed.


  • Users may experience a small amount of ghosting in games like Skyrim and Windows. 
  • No VESA mount. 

ASUS VG245H 24 inch full HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eye Care Console Gaming Monitor [Best Monitor With Stand Adjustments]

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With a 1ms response time, this monitor makes use of fast input technology and ensures a smooth console gaming experience. It also has eye care Technology so that you will not experience any kind of eye strain or eye fatigue. The distinguishing feature of the ASUS HD Console Gaming Monitor is that it comes up with an ergonomic stand with full height and pivot adjustments. 


  • Exclusive game visual functions that allow you to enhance the color and improve its performance. 
  • Provide 100% tear-free experience. 
  • Dual HDMI flexible connectivity. 
  • Super smooth visuals with AMD FreeSync. 
  • comes with Flicker-free technology and ensures maximum eye protection. 
  • Best for gaming but you can use it for other multimedia entertainment purposes as well. 


  • The blue-flicker technology for reducing eye strain only works on ONE mode.
  • Sometimes it gives text readability issues. Adjusting brightness, contrast, and RGB does not seem to help much with the text readability issues.

Quick Monitor Shopping Tips  

Determine the main purpose of your monitor 

Some people buy monitors for gaming purposes, while others may need them for professional or general reasons. Professionals consider the color accuracy as well as response time, while gamers opt for features like protection from eye strain, fast refresh rates, etc. 

Check out the level of resolution 

The greater the resolution of the monitor,  the more clarity of the images you can enjoy. Width x height format helps in understanding the resolution of the computer. For example, 1920×1080 resolution is considered as 1080p. 

However, nowadays, you can see sharper images with very high-quality resolution such as QHD and 4K. 

Understand the importance of size 

The resolution, pixel density, and size of the monitor are interrelated terms. A large screen monitor with low resolution and low pixel density will display images with low quality. You can easily find 32-inch gaming or general use monitor at 4K resolution for around $300.

Go for shorter response rates 

Response rate determines the time duration required to change individual pixels from black to white. Usually, the monitors that you find for general or gaming purposes are available at the response rate of 5ms or less. However, the professionals also opt for monitors with very low response rates such as 0.5 or 1ms. 

Final Verdict  

Now you have read about the 8 best monitors under $300, it’s time for you to determine the main purpose for which you want to buy the monitor. Focusing on the other tips mentioned in the monitor shopping guide will also help you in making an informed decision. 

By the way, which of the above-mentioned features do you like the most? 

Make a quick comment right now and share your thoughts with us. 

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