Chatbot Benefits: How Can Chatbots Benefit your Business in 2024

As a business owner, you have been searching the internet looking for solutions to increase your leads and found that the chatbot benefits for your business are second to none. 

But is it indeed the case that the business benefits are so great that you need to have a chatbot in place?

Here at Keenclick, we have a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence technology that turns visitors into leads but not only that, there are other opportunities and possibilities to make use of a chatbot that suits your business and increases the engagement with your visitors and ultimately turn the website traffic in happy paying customers.

Chatbot Benefits: What are the Advantages of Chatbots?

chatbot benefits

There are many benefits or advantages a chatbot has for your business. So, what are the benefits of chatbots or in our case because we use Artifigence Intelligence, what are the AI chatbot benefits?

Before we dive into these benefits, let us look at some of the chatbot statistics.

Chatbot Benefits Statistics

  • In 2017 IBM mentioned that chatbots can help reduce customer service costs by 30%. That is amazing, just imagine that you can save this 30% on your customer service business costs. You can reduce the budget for customer service and spend the savings in other areas of your business.
  • Even before that, back in 2016, the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella said during a ceremony of the Microsoft Build Developers that “Bots are the new apps”.
  • Google cannot stay behind in these statistics and when you look at the trends on chatbots, then it is clear to say that especially now in 2021 the chatbot trend is going up.
  • Going through the press release from Grand View Research with the title “Chatbot Market Size Worth $1.25 Billion By 2025 | CAGR: 24.3%”, it is clear that the trend and growth of chatbot usage on the website is increasing.

Searching the internet will give so many statistics which goes beyond the benefits but clearly, when the trend is to use more bots on websites then your business cannot stay behind. 

Chatbots are here and looking at some of the statistics that more and more businesses will implement a chatbot solution on their website, the chatbots will not leave any time soon, if ever.

This can be a solution “just” for customer services but there are so many other solutions to think of that benefit your business.

Here at Keenclick, we use Hunter our 3D Avatar who is hunting for leads through the chatbot giving that bot a face. And he is doing a great job, never gets tired, never sleeps and is always available for visitors to our website.

Chatbot Features and Benefits

It is already mentioned one of the chatbot benefits is that Hunter our avatar accompany the chatbot does not go to sleep. One of the chatbot features is that once you or one of your colleagues comes online the chatbot can turn into a LIVE chatbot where you directly chat with the visitor.

But let us dive deeper into the world of chatbot benefits and what this might mean for your business.

If you are still not convinced, perhaps give us a call or go through the following list 

Chatbot in your Industry

Tourism: In tourism, chatbots are very popular. Guiding visitors through the booking process that automatically adds the visitors’ detail into your booking system and help with the payments.

Finance: Have the chatbot answering questions about online banking or answering questions on topics like credit or debit card loss, account openings and opening times of different branches.

Education: Guide the visitor through the online or offline training material, have the visitor book an interview in your calendar system or collect information like a telephone number for a callback.

Real estate: Showcase new properties, arrange views imported directly into your calendar. Collect phone numbers and email address for follow up by the sales department. 

E-Commerce: It is mentioned before, guide the visitor through the sales process of your e-Commerce platform, FAQ, collect email addresses for marketing.

Chatbot Benefits Conclusion

It was a long read but you managed till the end and by doing so it must be clear that your business can benefit from having a chatbot on your website. We hoped you loved these chatbot benefits that will improve yopur business.

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