Chatbot Era: How Chatbots Help Businesses in 21st Century

Below you see a list of chatbot business benefits and how they can help your business get more leads and ultimately more sales.

General Business Benefits from a Chatbot

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  • 24-hour availability
    • A chatbot runs 24x7x365. Laura never goes to sleep, she always works and that means that she is ready to answer your question or in our case, we can steer the visitor in a direction we want the visitor to go to. This can be the collection of an email address or phone number for sales to get back to you once they are back in the office or have the time to do so. During office hours, or when a colleague is available the robot chat can be turned into a live chat.
  • Chatbots provide immediate feedback
    • A well-organised chatbot guides the visitor through a series of questions and immediately answers the questions the visitor has.
  • Reaching new customers
    • Every business is struggling to get more clients, the chatbot helps the visitor becoming customers.
  • Increased customer engagement
    • Engagement with a potential client is important because communication is what the visitors need.
  • Easier Approach to Global Markets
    • Our AI chatbot can be configured in such a way that the language is automatically translated between your and the visitor’s preferred language making the approach easier to global markets easier.
  • Follow the Trends
    • More and more businesses have a chatbot, it is the trend and that is going up and not down. Not having a chatbot on your website leaves you behind compared to your competitors.
  • Easy scalability of support
    • The support given by your business to the visitor is not “just” general support. Departments can have their “own” supporting visitors but we come to that once we dive into chatbot on the department level.
  • Better team productivity
    • Knowing what visitors want will produce better results within your team due to time-saving figuring out what the visitor is looking for.
  • Higher customer satisfaction
    • Customers are satisfied when you chat with them solving their problem.
  • Chatbot + Live chat = Complete hybrid customer experience
    • Switching to a live chat give visitors the experience to deal with a company that is helpful in and outside of business hours.

Costs Benefits

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  • Cost Savings
  • Save customer service costs
    • A chatbot takes away many standard answers to common questions that your customer support personnel do not need to answer.
  • Bots save an ample amount of time
    • Your employees can concentrate on the more complex requests from visitor when “standard” questions are answered by a bot, this saves time and therefore money.

When we look at the benefits per department then we can see some very interesting advantages.

Marketing Benefits

The chatbot is part of your conversational marketing strategy collecting information the marketing department need for their marketing campaigns.

Interesting to read is what Forbes wrote “7 ways chatbot tools are important for marketing”, even more interesting, many of the articles I read about chatbots show webpages where NO chatbot has been installed.

  • Data Collection
    • The chatbot can collect data that marketing will use for their campaigns.
  • Gain Insights by Monitoring Consumer Data
    • The collected data gives a wealth of information.
  • Branding Face
    • The usage of an avatar gives the bot a face and can be used in branding.
  • Lead Generation
    • The marketing department wants to generate leads for sales to turn into happy paying customers.
  • Product Consulting
    • Get more insight from visitors about the products you sell.
  • Customer behaviour
    • Gain insights into customer behaviour and make changes to the website, chatbot flow or sales process.
    • A marketeer wants to know what the visitors do on their website so the marketing plan can be updated with insight into the customer behaviour.
    • Gaining a deeper understanding of customers

Branding is an important factor for many businesses. All businesses have a logo, have their colours, fonts and this also can be a real-life person or in our case a 3D Avatar. Yes, it is part of a video but that 3D Avatar has a name, like in our case Laura or Hunter, and even has the logo on her cloth.

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